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100plus original flavor


Enhancing Endurance Through Hydration

Peak performance is driven by two things – passion and a healthy body. Loaded with glucose and minerals, 100PLUS keeps your body properly hydrated for optimum bodily function and speedy recovery. With that extra advantage, your body is even better equipped to keep up with your thirst for success.

100plus lemon flavor

Lemon Lime

Endurance With A Citrus Twist

The zesty sourness wakes you up, making you feel alive and ready for the next challenge. Infused with the power-packed benefits of trace minerals and glucose, 100PLUS Lemon Lime is a great way to rehydrate, refresh, and re-energise. So get out there – it’s time to pave a way to your dreams!

100plus berry flavor


A Berry Dynamo

100PLUS Berry doesn’t just leave a sweet taste in your mouth; it gives you a boost to beat any obstacles that come your way. The isotonic solution contains glucose and minerals to hydrate as well as increase your level of endurance. So who’s ready to change the world?

100plus orange flavor


Juiced-Up Flavour for a Juiced-Up Body

Staying hydrated and active all day is not easy, but 100PLUS Orange helps you do just that. The juicy orange flavour spikes up your spirit with an isotonic glucose-and-mineral solution for better hydration balance. Now, the only thirst you have is your thirst for a challenge.

100plus black currant flavor


Brand New 100PLUS Blackcurrant

Introducing 100PLUS Blackcurrant, a new twist of flavour in the 100PLUS family. Certified with the Healthier Choice Logo (HCL)*, 100PLUS Blackcurrant is topped with nutrients and glucose, to give you the energy you need with the flavour you deserve. Experience a rush of blackcurrants today.

*HCL helps consumers to identify healthier product within the same category

Active replenish

No fizz, with added vitamins

100PLUS Active Replenish is intended to quench your thirst by providing sufficient energy during and after sports to replace fluids lost in sweat. This non-carbonated Isotonic drink rehydrates, replenishes and re-energises you with added Vitamin B3, B6, B12.

100plus reduced-sugar flavor

100PLUS Reduced Sugar

Lowest Sugar Carbonated Isotonic Drink

100PLUS Reduced Sugar has 33% less sugar compared to 100PLUS Original, and it only contains 4g Sugar per 100ml, with no added artificial sweetener.

Experience 100PLUS Reduced Sugar, the low-sugar beverage that replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost in an active day, allowing you to stay optimally hydrated and energised.