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  • Recovery After Training and Competition

    Many people tend to neglect the recovery phase of training or competition, however it is very important to recover well in order to come back stronger and fitter for your next training session or event. After exercise, you will have used up muscle glycogen, a small amount of body fat, some protein (mainly in endurance events or weight training) and lost body fluids.   Glycogen recovery after exercise can be optimised by: • Starting carbohydrate intake as soon as is practical, if the recovery period between your workouts is less than 8 hours • Experimenting with snack consumption during early recovery phase. Arrange meals and snacks that are comfortable and practical to you for recovery periods of longer than 24 hours • Eating carbohydrate rich foods with a moderate to high glycaemic index (GI) to provide a readily available source of carbohydrate for glycogen synthesis   The following foods are carbohydrate rich with a moderate to high GI: • Most breakfast cereals • Most forms of rice • White and brown breads • Sports drinks and soft drinks • Potatoes • Tropical fruits and juicesAfter intense exercise, you may have some difficulty eating solid food. Trying liquid sources of nutrition can help you both refuel and replace fluids even when you are not hungry.   Rehydration after exercise: Water and salt lost through sweat must be replaced. Aim to drink about 1.2 to 1.5 litres of fluid for each kilogram of weight lost after training or a competition. Drinks should contain sodium (the primary salt lost through sweat) if no food is eaten during this time. Sports drinks such as 100PLUS that contain electrolytes are helpful, but many foods can supply the salt that is needed. A little extra salt can be added to meals when sweat losses have been high, but salt tablets should be taken with caution. Recovery after exercise is part of the preparation for your next exercise session. All athletes, including strength and power athletes, will perform below their best if they are not well hydrated when they begin their exercise. You should not consume large quantities of alcohol during the recovery period. Although alcohol is a beverage, it actually has a dehydrating effect. This is also true for beverages that include high quantities of caffeine, such as tea and coffee.


    Dehydration occurs when your body loses too much water. When you stop drinking enough water, or lose large amounts of fluid through illness (diarrhea and vomiting) or sweating due to exercise, the body reabsorbs fluid from the blood and other body tissues. Dehydration leads to impaired muscle endurance and sub-optimal mental functioning, resulting in fatigue and poor co-ordination. By the time a person becomes severely dehydrated, there is no longer enough fluid in the body to transport blood to the vital organs and the person may go into shock. Dehydration is very dangerous in infants, small children and older adults. Watch closely for early signs of dehydration, including: • Increased thirst • Dry mouth and sticky saliva • Reduced urine output with dark yellow urine.   Symptoms of moderate dehydration include: • Extreme thirst • Dry appearance inside the mouth with no tearing of the eyes • Decreased urination, or half the normal number of urinations within a 24 hr period (usually 3 or fewer urinations) • Dark amber or brown urine • Lightheadedness that is only relieved by lying down.   Severe Dehydration is life threatening. Symptoms that require emergency care (even if only one is present) include: • Altered behaviour, such as anxiety, confusion or not being able to stay awake • Faintness that is not relieved by lying down, or lightheadedness that continues after standing up for more than 2 minutes • Weak, rapid pulse • Cold, clammy skin or hot, dry skin • Little or no urination • Loss of consciousness   Urine colour test for Dehydration If the water in the body is balanced, urine will be a pale straw or lemonade colour. When water loss exceeds water intake, the kidneys need to conserve water, making urine more concentrated with waste products and subsequently darker in colour. Dark yellow urine is a sure indicator that you are dehydrated and that fluid intake must be increased. The lighter the colour of your urine and the lower the number on the urine chart, the better hydrated you are. A urine rating of 1,2 or 3 is considered to be indicative of good hydration. Desire to urinate less than twice a day and/or producing urine darker than shade 3 on the chart represents moderate to severe dehydration depending on the colour of the urine.   Precautions: Certain medicines and vitamins may cause the colour of urine to change and render the test unreliable. The colours on this chart should only be used as a guide. For a more accurate comparison, please go to an original source.

    Daily Hydration

    100PLUS vs. Water What's the first thing that you do when you're thirsty? Have a quick drink of course. But if you think that water is the best fluid to quench your thirst and hydrate your body, think again. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania recently found that there is no significant evidence that drinking large quantities of water has any added benefit to the human body. In fact, the opposite may be true. Drinking very large quantities of water can cause the over-dilution of electrolytes, especially sodium, which can result in a condition known as Hyponatraemia. Symptoms of Hyponatraemia include lethargy and confusion, and the condition can lead to seizures, coma or even death. Hyponatraemia is common in runners who gain more than 2 to 5kg due to over-drinking during an exercise session, or who drink more than 3 litres during exercise. The condition can be prevented by developing and following a hydration plan that is right for your body and the activity that you are taking part in.   Water & Hydration: The Facts When you sweat, you lose more than just water Our bodies lose fluids constantly, through sweating, going to the bathroom and even by breathing. The fact is we lose fluids all the time and not just when we're physically active. Even sitting in an air-conditioned room, showering or sleeping can cause a loss of body fluids. The average daily water requirement for an adult is about 2 litres, or 8 glasses. Water alone is not enough to keep you hydrated Recent studies conducted by the University of Pennsylvania showed no real evidence that drinking plain water by itself has any clear benefit to the body. The reason for this, is that fluid lost through sweat contains more than just water. It also contains electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, and carbohydrates (sugars). These electrolytes are necessary for the day-to-day functioning of your body. Sodium also helps the body to absorb and retain water effectively. Drinking too much water can lead to the over-dilution of electrolytes, especially sodium, which can result in a very serious condition called Hyponatraemia. By the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated Research shows that our thirst doesn't trigger our drive to drink until we are already dehydrated and our performance is compromised. Moreover, our drive to drink makes us consume only half the amount of fluid that we lose. Even at 2% dehydration, the body's performance can be critically affected, and you could suffer cramps, weakness, headaches and loss of concentration. 100PLUS provides you with more than water 100PLUS is an isotonic drink that helps the body to achieve hydration and electrolyte balance, so that you can continue to lead an active lifestyle. It is specially formulated to help restore what the body loses through the course of the day. A unique combination of carbohydrates (glucose and sucrose) and electrolytes (minerals) assists in the quick and efficient transportation of nutrients to the body. It also promotes the absorption and retention of fluid in the body, and is an immediate source of energy. 100PLUS meets the National Guidelines set by the Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice for complete hydration. Does 100PLUS assist with sports performance? A recently conducted study comparing 100PLUS with water and placebo (pseudo sports drink, carbonated flavoured water, sweetened with non-nutritive aspartame and acesulfame-K) showed that 100PLUS allowed participants to perform 43% longer in an endurance cycle ergometer trial.   Can an individual who is not active or an athlete drink 100PLUS? 100PLUS helps to improve performance in sports, but is also very beneficial to anyone on search of complete hydration. Body fluids are lost every second of the day, no matter what you're doing, and even more so in a hot climate such as South Africa. Rehydrating requires more than just water. 100PLUS contains sodium and carbohydrates to put back what daily life takes out of you.   Is 100PLUS recommended for children? Any child who can drink fruit juice, soft drinks and similar beverages can drink 100LUS. In fact, physically active children should drink 100PLUS in order to stay better hydrated.   Can diabetics drink 100PLUS? Yes, people with diabetes can also drink 100PLUS. However, consumption should be under the guidance of their physicians and in accordance with their carbohydrate exchange and exercise plan.   Does 100PLUS contain caffeine? No, 100PLUS is caffeine free.   Is 100PLUS Halal? Yes.   How does 100PLUS help your body to retain water? The sodium content in 100PLUS aids in the absorption and retention of fluids in the body.   What is it in 100PLUS that quenches your thirst? Most people think that our thirst is quenched when we take in enough liquid to relieve that dry feeling in our mouths. However, research shows that we stop feeling thirsty when you have consumed only half of your body's fluid requirement. Unlike water, 100PLUS contains sodium, which encourages people to drink more than they need to quench their mouth thirst. And because fluid is more effectively absorbed and retained by 100PLUS, hydration is ensured.   Why does 100PLUS contain sodium? The primary role of sodium is to regulate the proper fluid balance and control the movement of fluid in and out of the body's cells. This regulates blood pressure and transmits nerve impulses that help your muscles - including the heart muscles - to relax. Sodium is essential for muscle contraction. This explains why if fluid lost is not replaced immediately, the result is muscle cramping. Sodium deficiency is rare, however the symptoms include nausea, dizziness and muscle cramps. The recommended daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2 000mg per day. This is equivalent to about 12.6 cans or 8 bottles of 100PLUS.     Is 100PLUS too salty for consumption? No, in fact the amount of salt found in daily staples such as bread is 10 times higher than that found in 100PLUS. Types of food & their sodium content (in mg per 100g): Source:
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100PLUS was launched in Malaysia in 1983. Ahead of its time with its Sports & Active Lifestyle positioning then, success did not come easily for the new brand. However, the management of the company behind the brand believed in the potential of the product and persevered. The company worked tirelessly and continued to invest resources, time and effort to build the brand and to promote 100PLUS to the sporting community who were then unfamiliar with the merits of isotonic beverages.

The company’s foresight, vision and tenacity eventually paid off. As people started becoming more health-conscious, a distinct accompanying shift in consumer preference towards healthier alternative drinks took place. This and the increasing adoption of a more active lifestyle, made consumers start choosing 100PLUS over others.

Being the pioneer with first-mover advantage in its market, 100PLUS grew steadily and rose to become the nation’s most recognized isotonic beverage brand. As of 2012, it commands a dominant 88% of the isotonic beverage market in Malaysia.


100PLUS is a thirst quenching caffeine-free isotonic drink; specially formulated to help restore what the body has lost during physical exertion and rehydrate your body to its optimal hydration balance.

100PLUS unique formula combines fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes for quick and efficient absorption of fluids into your body. And because fluid is absorbed and retained by your body more effectively with 100PLUS – it ensures your body is properly hydrated.

100PLUS Edge is a non-carbonated version of 100PLUS. It enhanced with the added benefit of B-vitamins (B3, B6, B12) which aid in the production of energy and helps in after-sports recovery.




Outdo Yourself and go beyond the limits of your mind. 100PLUS comes in multiples invigorating flavours besides the ever famous Original taste to zap you for the challenges ahead.

  • ·Achieve peak performance in your daily routine both at work and leisure.
  • ·Provides extra energy
  • ·Supplies all of correct ratio fluid glucose and minerals for your body’s needs
  • ·Replace essential electrolytes – sodium, potassium, and chlorides – in your body

100PLUS Lemon Lime

Outdo Yourself and go beyond the limits of your mind. 100PLUS comes in multiples invigorating flavours besides the ever famous Original taste to zap you for the challenges ahead.

  • ·Attractive green package
  • ·Luscious Lemon Lime taste
  • ·Achieve peak performance in your daily routine both at work and leisure
  • ·Provides extra energy
  • ·Supplies all of correct ratio fluid glucose and minerals for your body’s needs
  • ·Replace essential electrolytes – sodium, potassium, and chlorides – in your body

100PLUS Tangy Tangerine

Outdo Yourself and go beyond the limits of your mind. 100PLUS comes in multiples invigorating flavours besides the ever famous Original taste to zap you for the challenges ahead.

  • ·Attractive orange package
  • ·Titillating tangy tangerine taste
  • ·Achieve peak performance in your daily routine both at work and leisure
  • ·Provides extra energy
  • ·Supplies all of correct ratio fluid glucose and minerals for your body’s needs
  • ·Replace essential electrolytes – sodium, potassium, and chlorides – in your body

100PLUS Aqtiv

Rehydrating even better than water, 100PLUS Aqtiv is the ultimate combination of thirst busting and energy replenishing in a clear and crisp liquid

100Plus Aqtiv Water
-Specially formulated
-Clear, crisp liquid
-Great tasting, refreshing and authentic
-Optimal combination of carbohydrates, electrolytes and minerals
-Bland taste
-No additional benefits

This specially formulated clear isotonic beverage is clearly the best form of rehydration.

Nutritional Info
  Per 100ml
Energy value/calories 27kcal
Protein 0
Carbohydrate 6.7g
Fat 0
Dietary fibre 0
Sugars 6.7g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium (Na+) 21 mEg/L
Phosphate (HPO4-) 4 mEg/L
Potassium (K+) 4 mEg/L
Calcium (Ca2+) 0.4 mEg/L
Chloride (Cl-) 11 mEg/L


Benefits of 100PLUS EDGE

100PLUS EDGE is a non-carbonated & refreshing drink for quick rehydration with B Vitamins that aid quick energy release.
B Vitamins help the body to convert food(carbohydrates) into fuel(glucose), which is “burned” to produce energy. They also help the body metabolise fats and protein.


Lee Chong Wei

National Badminton Player

HEIGHT : 1.74m
WEIGHT : 60kg
DATE OF BIRTH : 21 October 1982
STATUS : Single
HOMETOWN : Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth, Penang
STARTED PLAYING : 11-years old
NATIONAL TEAM : 17-years
HOBBIES : Fast cars
CAREER BEST : 2008 Olympic silver medalist
MAJOR AWARDS : BWF Player of the Year 2011


National Footballer

HEIGHT : 1.72m
WEIGHT : 60kg
DATE OF BIRTH : 7 January 1982
PLACE OF BIRTH : Kota Bahru, Kelantan
SIBLINGS : 4th of 5
STATUS : Married
HOMETOWN : Kota Bahru
PLAYS : Kelantan, Malaysia Under-23 and Malaysia
POSITION : Goalkeeper
HOBBIES : Cars and Sports Activities
CAREER BEST : Winning the AFF Suzuki Cup and defending the SEA Games gold medal in Jakarta


National Footballer

DATE OF BIRTH : 29 January 1984
PLACE OF BIRTH : Kajang, Selangor
SIBLINGS : 8th out of 12
STATUS : Married
HOMETOWN : Tapah, Perak
FAVOURITE FOOD : Nasi Lemak & Pedas-Pedas
IDOL : David Beckham, C.Ronaldo & W.Rooney
STARTED PLAYING : 6 years old
HOBBIES : Tennis & Golf
CAREER BEST : 14 years old Win Nike Cup Asia Pacific
MAJOR AWARD : Winning AFF Suzuki Cup & claiming Top Scorer
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